5 Activities to keep your toddler active, healthy & fit

Have you ever wonder what activities will work for your toddler? Well, here are some activities that your toddler or younger children will love.


  • Toddlercise
  • Zumba
  • Yoga(strength/balance)
  • Tag(cardio)
  • Pool



Toddlercise is an exercise that encourages your active toddler to develop and utilize their gross motor skills. This activity will allow your little one develop their skills, such as over under hard-eye coordination, skipping, balance, hopping, jumping and running.(courtesy of MWR Pensacola family fitness center)

Zumba (zumbini):

A course you can pull this awesome activity up on You tube or you can definitely attend a Zumbini class. This activity encourages your toddler to move around to the beat of their own drum. I believe it teaches them individuality. With Zumbini your toddler is building the cognitive, social, and motor skills. This is an awesome opportunity to combine learning and fun.


We all have that toddler that loves to sit on their  hand or lay on the floor. I figured why not teach my toddler the various yoga poses in a safe and encouraging manner. I went out and bought my daughter a beautiful mat and she loves it! This is definitely a bonding activity that your child will not outgrow.



Tag your it!

I know everyone is familiar with this centuries old activity that we all have tried as kids. Tag has been something that we play inside/outdoors, but I encourage this to be an outdoor activity so that everyone can get some fresh air.


Teaching your kids to swim is awesome because they will boost their confidence and it can reduce the risk of drowning. When your little one is confident then they are less likely to get stressed about the pool and they will enjoy the experience.

Splash Splash!


Becoming Ordained

Hello Lovelies!

Today’s topic is focused on me becoming an ordained minister.

About a month ago I embarked on a spiritual journey, trying to figure out my purpose in life. I began the journey with yoga, changing the way I ate and t attending church conferences. Becoming ordained is not something I shared with many people, it is something that I’ve really kept quiet until now. As a kid I always wanted to become a minister so that I could marry those in the LGBT community, because honestly I feel that love is love no matter the sex, gender or creed. At the end of the day God has the final say.

I feel that becoming a minister is not all about pushing religion on someone, but it is about building that spiritual connection with your higher power. I want to help people to understand that it is okay to have a spiritual connection with yourself and the things that you love. Honestly with the ministry that I am building, I don’t want to throw the bible in anyone’s face but to welcome them with open arms and to encourage them to live in a positive light. I believe strongly that if you lead a spiritual life than you can change the way you feel physically and spiritually.

Honestly speaking, How many people do you know say that they believe in God and he knows my heart? Then they are also open about not attending church. From my prospective I believe that no matter where you are in life you can always uphold a spiritual connection with God (Higher Power). God is not only living in the church, but He should also be living within you. So I leave you with this, Find your purpose!


Donna P.

Let It Go…

bend dont break

Hello Everyone,

I want to fill you gals in on what this mompreneur has been up to…well firstly, I recently took up yoga after 5 years and y’all it was the best decision I have ever made. Yoga has been so good to me in the sense that my 1 year old daughter whats to do it with me. I know babies love to sit on their heads,but she actually tries to mimic the poses and it just warms my heart. Being new to the Miami area has been somewhat strange because I am away from everything and everyone I know, but I have met some awesome people in my yoga class. My classes usually ranges from the first timers all the way to the pros. Some the new yogi feel intimidated at first but realize that everyone has their clumsy moments and the lesson to learn is not to give up and to let go of the negative thoughts.

Secondly, I felt more zen with myself, I wasn’t going to let anyone’s opinion bother me and guess what it doesn’t. You have to have that I don’t give a damn attitude and keep pushing. In yoga with start with meditation and when you are hit with something stressful just remain calm and breath through your nose and out your mouth. Believe me when I say this, everything will be okay! Think of it this way, if you get upset and you begin to say the unthinkable you can’t get those words back. Words hurt like a double edge sword!

Lastly, put yourself first, there is nothing wrong with taking time for yourself. I say this because Yoga is my me time and it helps me to relieve the stress that I may have confronted all day. Once I’m on that mat nothing else matters, the crying baby, cleaning the house, tending to my husband, and nothing. It’s just me and the Yoga mat and have serene moment with myself and my spirit. So, find something that is going to suit you and Let go of all of the unnecessary distractions that can wait at least an hour or so. It’s all up to you!