9-5 to WAHM

Have you ever considered trading your 9-5 to becoming a wahm? It has to be really refreshing to stay at home in your yoga pants or your pjs. I love it!


When I decided to become a sahm/wahm it initially happened because we had just transitioned from Georgia to Miami.  When we live in Georgia we had awesome childcare and I am hoping in the months to come my daughter will return to school.


Once we moved in and got settled , I was pondering the idea of returning to the corporate world or continuing my consulting from home. As you may have read in previous post, I am business consultant and I help start-ups or established establish a solid foundation for their businesses. I also develop and host networking events throughout the year.


Being a sahm/wahm definitely has its pros and cons, when I do get a chance to get any work done it is around my daughters schedule. Nap time is definitely the best time to get any work done. I even do my cooking and cleaning while she is asleep because things are a lot calmer then.

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In 2014 I became fed up with the corporate world and felt that it was going to be my way or nor way! This may sound like a corporate take over but it’s not, I had my mind set on being my own boss and living my own rules. So I started by hosting networking events, expo(s), and having one on one consulting meetings with my awesome clients.


Business is a constant and sporadic industry, you must be a go getter because we live in a dog eat dog world. You have to decide if you are going to sink or swim.


If you are considering becoming  a WAHM, then you need to consider these steps before you take that leap.


  1. Save Save Save- You can’t really start too many businesses without the funds. Plus you need to make sure your personal funds. There is nothing wrong with keeping your 9-5 to fund your business.
  2. Organize your life- Being home with your kids is definitely going to throw you off of your game, but you must figure out what methods will work for balancing the kids and the business. There are some wahm who send their little one’s to day school and that is definitely okay.
  3. Have a creative space- A home office or space in your living room can definitely work to oversee what your children may be doing.


Being a wahm can definitely lead to endless possibilities, and him your children are home with you then you are saving a ton of money.




Donna P.

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Being a mother and managing a business


Being a mompreneur and balancing a business is not easy. There are definitely a lot of give and take, such as maintaining a routine that will work with your child’s schedule especially if you are stay at home mompreneur. My  daughter has everything to do with my schedule, there are even times recently that she refuses to take a nap and so the work that I need to get done wont happen until later that night. I can get most of my work while she is napping, but we sometimes have to play that by ear lol.

When Mariah is awake she is a ball of energy that can’t or won’t stop. I do include my daughter when it comes to business decisions because she is my inspiration behind it all. While she is awake or engaging in self play I will get on social media so that I can promote my business. Until recently I didn’t have much of a Instagram presence , but I am working hard to boost my audience.

Now that trends are constantly changing you have to roll with the millennials. You guys may have noticed that everyone is building a boutique style businesses which is all pretty and shiny which inspires a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs to flock to the various social media groups. With my business I try to keep it simple because I am a believer that less is more. You just have to figure out what is going to work for you because it is going to get harder before it gets easier.

So remember these 3 steps:

  1. Keep your head up- Be Confident!
  2. MAnage your time wisely-Always make time for your family.
  3. Live life on your own terms and not someone elses

****what may be the hottest thing today can be the least important thing tomorrow

P. S. Find your balance and manage your business. Everything else will be just fine.

Good Luck!

Donna P.