Self Care For 2018

2017 has come to an end and it is time to embrace 2018. I’m pretty sure that this past year has been an interesting roller coaster ride. This year my primary focus has been set on my family, which is not a bad thing but I didn’t set time aside for me.I didn’t do much to my hair or makeup, and I decided that I’m going to set more time for me.
So I am encouraging you to focus on Self Care.

If you can’t afford to do some of the things on your self care list here are a 10 tips to practice self care in 2018.

Here are some tips to make sure that you are taking care of yourself:

Coffee-time: I know that we all have experience the “don’t talk me until I have my coffee”. Coffee-time for me is sacred and it definitely gives me life. I mostly drink our coffee in the morning which gives me the opportunity to reflect on my day and to figure out what adventure my daughter and I would embark on.

Massage/facial: Getting a massage or facial can definitely relax the body and relieve stress. It also releases the toxins and leads to recovering with muscles pain and it releases endorphins & enhances your mood.


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Bubble bath w/ aromatherapy(essential oils): My favorite essential oils are Eucalyptus, lavender, and lemongrass; they hold the healing properties of muscle aches, colds, anxiety,and mood swings.Enjoy a large glass of wine and soak those worries away.

Mani/Pedi: If you get the opportunity to leave the house for a few hours take the time to get a much needed mani/pedi. You need to relax, relate and release; you can’t expect to be helpful to your family or those around you if you don’t take time for yourself. Do you!

Yoga/Meditation: Yoga and meditation has definitely changed my life, especially when I get stressed out or I just want to be healthy in my mind and body. With meditation I am able to reflect on the things that may affect me whether it is parenting or balancing entrepreneurship. I love how I am able to strengthen my body through yoga and use meditation for self awareness.

Journal: Journaling is definitely something that I encourage everyone to do. You are able to be creative or you can write about your troubles to help let them go. I know that we all have moments where we feel that no one understands what you are going through, but if you write it down then you are able to free yourself from that burden.


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Lazy Day: Recently I took the time to do almost absolutely nothing, I was determined to relax and not to run myself crazy. Having a lazy day gives you the opportunity to take care of yourself and to do less as possible.

Vacation: Pack you an overnight bag and get you can an Airbnb and go have fun. Take the time not planning your getaway.

Get dolled up: Recently I’ve got back into makeup and I decided to make this my mandatory mommy-time. I am loving how I am able to be creative and enjoy the time to myself. You can get dolled up and you don’t have to go anywhere.

Binge watch movies/shows: During this holiday season I’ve been binge watching everything HallMark. I love a romantic Christmas story, especially when they have an adorable story line. Hallmark is so great even when they have the same story line but it gets addictive.

Some of my favorite sites to use for finding discounted hotels, spa, hair packages, and etc is Groupon, Living social and Airbnb.Check them out! (This is not sponsored)

I hope that my 2018 Self care tips are helpful to you. You have to remember that you need to make time to slow down and make time for you!


5 Activities to keep your toddler active, healthy & fit

Have you ever wonder what activities will work for your toddler? Well, here are some activities that your toddler or younger children will love.


  • Toddlercise
  • Zumba
  • Yoga(strength/balance)
  • Tag(cardio)
  • Pool



Toddlercise is an exercise that encourages your active toddler to develop and utilize their gross motor skills. This activity will allow your little one develop their skills, such as over under hard-eye coordination, skipping, balance, hopping, jumping and running.(courtesy of MWR Pensacola family fitness center)

Zumba (zumbini):

A course you can pull this awesome activity up on You tube or you can definitely attend a Zumbini class. This activity encourages your toddler to move around to the beat of their own drum. I believe it teaches them individuality. With Zumbini your toddler is building the cognitive, social, and motor skills. This is an awesome opportunity to combine learning and fun.


We all have that toddler that loves to sit on their  hand or lay on the floor. I figured why not teach my toddler the various yoga poses in a safe and encouraging manner. I went out and bought my daughter a beautiful mat and she loves it! This is definitely a bonding activity that your child will not outgrow.



Tag your it!

I know everyone is familiar with this centuries old activity that we all have tried as kids. Tag has been something that we play inside/outdoors, but I encourage this to be an outdoor activity so that everyone can get some fresh air.


Teaching your kids to swim is awesome because they will boost their confidence and it can reduce the risk of drowning. When your little one is confident then they are less likely to get stressed about the pool and they will enjoy the experience.

Splash Splash!


Balancing Boys, Entrepreneurship and being a Full time student…


Straight away, if you’re reading this post, allow me to tip my hat to you! First for considering motherhood, then for enrolling in school, and lastly for contemplating running a business at the same time. You must be as crazy as I am! Even if you find yourself with a helpful significant other or a phenomenal childcare situation, and especially in the case that you haven’t, just know that you are not alone. I have been flying this mission solo for the last 19 months! Have no doubt in your mind that you can do it too, and hopefully these tips will help.

1. Get organized. When I’ve completed my tasks at the end of each night, I make a list of what has to get done the next day and prepare the things I’ll need in order to complete each item on the list. Getting it all out on paper before bed helps me in two ways: I don’t lay awake at night with these thoughts swirling in my head and ruining any chance of restful sleep, and I don’t forget something, spend too much time in the morning preparing, or rush through everything the next day. I also take this time to review my calendar to add last minute meetings, play dates, etc. Getting organized will help you to better manage your time, and the key to time management is priority. The first thing on my calendar are my non-negotiable appointments. For me, that’s anything pertaining to my kids and family, then class assignments, and so on. Decide what these are and keep them. To those tiny humans, you are your word.

2. Learn how to swing a bat. The last 3 years of my life have been curve ball after curve ball…after curve ball. It’s how I know I’m doing something right. Many times, you hear moguls talk about alignment and things falling into place when you are in your purpose. My purpose has been in my heart and my gut, but nothing has gone according to plan since I chose to pursue it. For some, like me, this is a path of growth, and that means resistance. So expected the unexpected and keep swinging for the fences, even if you miss. No one is counting how many swings you take, only the number of balls you hit.


3. Always have fun. Doubt, fear, anxiety, judgement. You will know these feelings better than you know your neighbors. You met them when you found out your first child was coming into the world. And again when you sent your application to become a student. Starting a business – well you may as well have asked them to move in with you. How do I evict them when they have overstayed their welcome? Some days it takes longer than others, but I have to. I have to reach deep down into the belief I draw from caring for my family. Part of that caring is showing them that there’s more to life than trading your time for money to do something that doesn’t light up your soul. It’s showing them the importance of pausing for a moment to enjoy that moment: my baby taking his first steps or my toddler showing me lines he learned from his favorite movie. Also, it’s self-care. Indulge in that chocolate lava cake to celebrate a small win and take a hot bath with a tall glass of wine.

4. (And final) Ask for help! Sometimes I get so caught up in my “Boss mom can do-it-all” attitude and all it gets me is a hot ticket straight to the land of burnt-out-babes. Maybe you’re not the most organized person, but I bet you know someone who is. Staying up late several nights a week to clean up your website or call clients? Perhaps join a couple of moms on a kid swap so you can schedule some regular beauty rest. Those cliche’s about teamwork are time tested; don’t be afraid (or ashamed) to reach out a hand. Like I said up top: You’re not alone.




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