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9-5 to WAHM

Have you ever considered trading your 9-5 to becoming a wahm? It has to be really refreshing to stay at home in your yoga pants or your pjs. I love it! When I decided to become a sahm/wahm it initially happened because we had just transitioned from Georgia to Miami.  When we live in Georgia… Continue reading 9-5 to WAHM

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Being a mother and managing a business

Being a mompreneur and balancing a business is not easy. There are definitely a lot of give and take, such as maintaining a routine that will work with your child's schedule especially if you are stay at home mompreneur. My  daughter has everything to do with my schedule, there are even times recently that she… Continue reading Being a mother and managing a business

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You must plan to succeed…

You must plan to succeed… When I say plan to succeed I don’t mean just your business goals , I am saying you need to find a planner, a day to day planner that you can jought down meetings, personal appointments, reminders, quotes, etc. It’s all up to you! Sometimes we find ourselves lost because… Continue reading You must plan to succeed…


Business and Spirituality By: Ilonda Hairston-Clayton, Life Strategist

Business and Spirituality Statistics say that 90% of all businesses fail within the first 10 years. There are many different reasons for this a few being: Poor management, insufficient capital, and bad Location. Which are all the reasons why my first two business failed very quickly. I had no real plan, no real money, and… Continue reading Business and Spirituality By: Ilonda Hairston-Clayton, Life Strategist


The Bandwagon

Hello Readers! The title to this blog post came to me suddenly and I am in the development stages of starting a new business. I am truly inspired by new things and living out my dream. It has become very popular for aspiring entrepreneurs to get involved in the fashion and music industry; even getting… Continue reading The Bandwagon


The Balancing Act -Guest Blogger Ilonda Clayton

    Balancing Act Being a mom alone is one of the hardest jobs in the world, and for a lot of women a career is an  added demand. So how can one balance parenting and having your own business? Here are some tools that you can implement each day to insure you are living a… Continue reading The Balancing Act -Guest Blogger Ilonda Clayton


Finding Yourself!!!

Hello Readers! Have you ever felt that you couldn't figure things out or you didn't know what direction to talk? Listen, you're definitely not alone. Often I get side tracked  and feel confuse. I jump back to when I mentioned previously that we should rember to prioritize, after being up with a newborn all every… Continue reading Finding Yourself!!!



Mompreneurs! AAAHHHH!!! I can’t believe it one of the loves of my life is finally here. Baby girl Pearson made her grand view on December 10, 2015 at 118 am. This little girl has stolen my heart and definitely has me on my toes. I know in previous blogs I mentioned that she would be… Continue reading SHE’S HERE!!!