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The Go To Guide :Packing for a Beach/Zoo trip!

Image: Courtesy of 99Traveltips.com Image: April's baby giraffe, "Tajiri" Have you ever gone to the beach or zoo and you were over the experience within the first hour? Then you have come to the right place. Here is a short survival guide to make it through those tough adventures. Enjoy this awesome read! When going… Continue reading The Go To Guide :Packing for a Beach/Zoo trip!

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Being a mother and managing a business

Being a mompreneur and balancing a business is not easy. There are definitely a lot of give and take, such as maintaining a routine that will work with your child's schedule especially if you are stay at home mompreneur. My  daughter has everything to do with my schedule, there are even times recently that she… Continue reading Being a mother and managing a business

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You must plan to succeed…

You must plan to succeed… When I say plan to succeed I don’t mean just your business goals , I am saying you need to find a planner, a day to day planner that you can jought down meetings, personal appointments, reminders, quotes, etc. It’s all up to you! Sometimes we find ourselves lost because… Continue reading You must plan to succeed…


Cosleeping and Potty Training in the same week…

Hello Readers! As you may have noticed my family and I are embarking on a new journey, we have decided to stop cosleeping and we are potty training. Our daughter Mariah recently turned 18 months old, usually at this age it is really common to start potty training. But first let me talk about Cosleeping,… Continue reading Cosleeping and Potty Training in the same week…


Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy On this journey I mentioned that I have changed the way I ate. When you change the way you eat you definitely can change the way you feel and possibly have some physical changes, On this journey to change I have lost over 10 pounds. My diet consisted of spinach, kale and more… Continue reading Eating Healthy


Becoming Ordained

Hello Lovelies! Today's topic is focused on me becoming an ordained minister. About a month ago I embarked on a spiritual journey, trying to figure out my purpose in life. I began the journey with yoga, changing the way I ate and t attending church conferences. Becoming ordained is not something I shared with many… Continue reading Becoming Ordained


Let It Go…

Hello Everyone, I want to fill you gals in on what this mompreneur has been up to...well firstly, I recently took up yoga after 5 years and y'all it was the best decision I have ever made. Yoga has been so good to me in the sense that my 1 year old daughter whats to… Continue reading Let It Go…


Business and Spirituality By: Ilonda Hairston-Clayton, Life Strategist

Business and Spirituality Statistics say that 90% of all businesses fail within the first 10 years. There are many different reasons for this a few being: Poor management, insufficient capital, and bad Location. Which are all the reasons why my first two business failed very quickly. I had no real plan, no real money, and… Continue reading Business and Spirituality By: Ilonda Hairston-Clayton, Life Strategist


The Bandwagon

Hello Readers! The title to this blog post came to me suddenly and I am in the development stages of starting a new business. I am truly inspired by new things and living out my dream. It has become very popular for aspiring entrepreneurs to get involved in the fashion and music industry; even getting… Continue reading The Bandwagon